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Of inquiries yesterday: 51,381
Inquiries for a month: 1,216,637

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Contextual advertising is the paid text advertising shown to the user when that sets the keywords specified by the advertiser in a line of inquiry of a search engine.

Working with contextual advertising, you purposefully offer the user the information necessary to it when it has requested her. unlike traditional advertising tools, contextual advertising helps the user who already searches for your goods or service. for this reason number of transitions under the announcement and number of perfect purchases very highly.|


Daily 25 % of the ukrainian users the internet uses search engines for search of the necessary information. among processed search inquiries there are inquiries and about your goods or service.

Users search

Kitchen: 625 inquiries for a month

Contextual cc

  • Cost: from 10 Cents for transition from advertisement
  • The transition price is formed on To auction basis
  • Of all there are 3 top positions and one bottom
  • The quantity of words is not limited
  • Possibility of regional targeting
  • The minimum deposit of 5$ (at payment in systems Of internet moneyOf yandex-money) and 50$ (at the clearing settlement) *
    * The prices without taxes
    : Through manager Or Is independent

  • Contextual banner

  • The big banner 240350
  • The quantity of words is not limited
  • Cost: 50$* for 1000 displays *
    * The prices without taxes
  • Through manager


  • Advantages of contextual advertising
  • Cost of contextual advertising
  • Site addition in base of search
  • To inform on duplication of results
  • To inform about
  • Press releases

    Contextual advertising there is even more well

    A company (the owner of a portal bigmir) net) and pejkesh-ukraina have opened service of payment of contextual advertising in system adsearch. To read completely

    Loud scandal on the ukrainian internet

    Kiev, on november, 15th, 2010

    Since 0 hours of monday, on november, 15th, visitors of starting page of the largest ukrainian portal bigmir. To read completely

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    Date of media entry Alsita electra pure light - the equipment karcher for a sink of cars have already used our services . BOOKSHOP Or-95.  . Adamant
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